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Gallery ART-SLOVAR proudly introduces you the unique exposition of the luminaries of Ural's fine arts.


Vitaly Volovich, Misha Brusilovskiy, Anatoly Kalashnikov– these three are living legends, living symbols, who became the incarnation of their period, they are pioneers and avant-gardists, which became contemporary classics. Their names are known all over the world.


The works of arts, which are exhibited at gallery are dated from 1960-2009, and they allow us to trace the transformation and creative development of the artists' style.


The exhibition include such pearls of art like the graphic series by V. Volovich “The medieval mysteries”, “Circus”, the artworks for the history play “Richard III” by W. Shakespeare, for Icelandic sagas, for “The legend of Tristan and Iseult” by Joseph Bédier, for the tragedy “The Oresteia” by Aeschylus, for “The Tale of Igor's Campaign”.


“Annunciation”, “Expell from Paradise”, “Leda and the Swan”, “Christ carrying the cross”, “ Auschwitz ”, “Soccer” give us unique chance to familiarize with M. Brusilovskiy's paintings.


ART-SLOVAR also happy to present you the immense canvas by A. Kalashnikov “ Montana : Cattle Drive ”. This piece of art is really epoch-making – it presents the distillation of more than four centuries of the history of the USA . It embodies the significant historical events, places, things and characters – all the small pieces of the great puzzle called “The USA”, which is created in our imagination. The total length of the picture is about 18 meters . The artist worked on this picture since 1989 to 1999.


We always glad to see you in the space of gallery ART-SLOVAR!

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