Vitaly Volovich


The deserved artist of RSFSR (1973)

The winner of the award of G.S.Mosin (1995)

The winner of the award of the Governor of Sverdlovsk area for outstanding achievements in the field of the literature and art (1999)

The first corresponding member in Ural Mountains the Russian Academy of arts (2007)

The honourable citizen of cities of Ekaterinburg (2007) and Irbit (2008).

The artist Vitaly Volovich was born in 1928 in a town Spassk, which is located in the Far East. In 1932 he together with his mother moves to Sverdlovsk (nowadays - Yekaterinburg).

His childhood and youth had on 30-40е years – heavy time of political reprisals and the World War II.

A future artist was growing and being brought up among people of letters. His mother, Claudia Filippova, was a journalist and a writer, an author of the articles, pieces, stories. The artiat’s stepfather Konstantin Bogolubov was a writer and literature critic, specialist in the Ural literature.

After graduation from Sverdlovsk Art Collage in 1948 Volovich devoted himself to books. Generations have grown on books illustrated by Vitaly Volovichem. «A Sun Pantry» by Michael Prishvin, «The Malachite Casket» by Pavel Bazhov, «Song about the Falcon» and «Song about the Petrel» by Maxim Gorkogo, the Chinese fairy tale «Monkey and a Turtle» (registration and illustrations of this book had been noted by the diploma at All-Union competition «Best books of the USSR of 1959» and the big silver medal at the Exhibition of achievements of a national economy), "Caliph-Stork" (the Arabian fairy tale), «Fairy tales of Muncie», the Icelandic and Irish sagas.

In 1960 – 1980s Volovich illustrated classics of the world literature.

In 1965 Volovich had issued a ballad "Vereskovyj honey" by Robert Stevenson. For this work the artist had received a silver medal of the International exhibition of art of the book in Leipzig.

In 1966 the artist worked over illustrations to Shakespeare's tragedies "Othello" and «Richard the Third».

1972 was devoted for work over «The Novel about Tristane and Isoice» by Zhozef Bedye

(illustrations executed by the artist, were awarded by a bronze medal of the international exhibition in Brno).

In 1980 illustrations to Goethe's "Egmontu" made by Volovich were noted by a bronze medal of the Leipzig exhibition.

In the early eighties Volovich worked over illustrations to "Song of Igor's Campaign". The grandiose edition of the book had been published in 1982 – to "Song" 800 anniversary.

Latest work in the book drawing – illustrations to “The Oresteia” by Aeschylus have not been published. However in 2005 these graphic sheets were awarded a gold medal of the Russian Academy of arts.

Literary texts are interpreted by the artist at several levels. On one hand as the monuments of world art culture created during the concrete historical period, on the other hand as the timeless products, which senses actual to our days. Being the expert on material culture of the past – technicians, architecture, suits of the past centuries, Volovich immerses the spectator in atmosphere of a represented epoch. Simultaneously the images created by the artist are perceived as carriers of eternal ideas.

Since 1970 Vitaly Volovich creates cycles of easel works of art – series "The Circus", «Medieval Mysteries», «Women and Monsters», «My Workshop».

The artist gives a great attention to drawings from nature. Fine landscapes were created during travels on the world. The part of these pictures were entered into a grandiose album of the artist «Russia. Central Asia. France. Pamir. Korea. China. Ukraine. Baltic. Israel».

Favourite technicians of Vitaly Volovich are the etching and lithography, and also a water colour, gouache and distemper.


The works of Vitaly Volovich are kept in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), the State Pushkin Museum of the Fine Arts (Moscow), the State Russian Museum (St Petersburg), Ekaterinburg Municipal Museum of the Fine Arts, Sverdlovsk Regional Museum of the Ural Writers (Ekaterinburg), Nizhny Tagil State Museum of Fine Arts, irbit State Museum of the Fine Arts, Perm State Picture Gallery, Chelyabinsk Regional Picture Gallery, Magnitogorsk Picture Gallery, A. N. Radischev State Museum of the Fine Arts (Saratov), Prague. Prague National Gallery (Czech Republic) Moravian National Gallery (Brno, Czech Republic), The Museum of Modern Art.( Cologne, Germany), The Museum of F. Schiller and J. Goethe (Weimar, Germany), The Shakespeare Centre in Stratford-upon-Avon (England) and other museums and private collections in Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Israel, the United States.



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